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First rule of snowball fights? No-one talks about snowball fights!

This counts as PE, right?!

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Keep the quote and synchronised swimming success in P6/7!

We started a new way of awarding the Keep the Quote this past week.  As part of a previous homework task, children were asked to provide a quote.  When a child’s quote is chosen, that child is responsible for keeping an eye on who is keeping their quote, then awarding the quote, giving reasons for their choice.


Appointment slips for parents’ evenings went home on Thursday. I have tried my best to accommodate requests. My Thursday evening slots are completely full, so those who did not return their request have been given a time on the Wednesday. If this does not suit, please drop me a line at diane.macleod@highland.gov.uk and we can arrange another time that suits you.  Many thanks.

I love seeing how well the children work, whether it’s up-and-about or sitting and concentrating, they really are the #bestclassever!

A pity I didn’t get pictures of them coo-ing over baby Tilly!

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My favourite times of the week. Any idea what ERIC and SSR stand for?

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Well done to Kaya, who earned the right to keep last week’s quote. Great work!

Looking through my photos tonight, I’ve come across these pictures which were taken a fortnight ago, on our 3rd science lesson delivered by Dr Murray from Nairn Academy.

Children worked in small groups to test how to make the loudest alarm. Can you remember what your independent variable was (that was the one thing you changed)?

That’s me done for the night, folks. Have a great weekend.

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We ran out of time today to do this week’s Keep the Quote, so that will be a job for Monday.

I have just realised, however, that I didn’t post the last Keep the Quote. It was wonderful to see so many children being voted for, and we had a 4-way draw for keeping last week’s quote! After a second draw, Lily was chosen.  Well done!  What kind, inspiring children. 😁

Not sure if they enjoyed this challenge!

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