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Rehearsals are well underway for Olivia!  Those children who are involved in the earlier scenes should have a copy of these.  Ms Jerrett is still working away on amendments, and we will post up the full script as soon as we have it (hopefully tomorrow, Tuesday).  I do not plan on giving homework next week or the week after, but will instead be asking children to ensure they know their lines, cues, and words and actions for all songs.

In the meantime, this week’s homework is as follows:


Welcome back to Term 2 – how did that happen?

As it is the last week of term, I thought I would give the children a bit of a break from regular homework, and instead ask them to do the following:

Maths – Make 3 progressions in Maths Whizz.  Some children have mentioned they cannot access Maths Whizz.  Maths Whizz is accessed by visiting http://www.mathswhizz.com or by downloading the Maths Whizz app.  Accessing Maths Whizz on an i-pad via Safari will not work as it requires Flash Player.  If using an i-pad, download the (free) app.  If using a pc, visit the website.

Each week I choose a quote for us to work on.  Themes so far have covered hard work, respect, building each other up, and initiative.  Find a quote which you think would work well as our Keep the Quote, and e-mail it to me at diane.macleod@highland.gov.uk.  Use your name in the subject heading so that I can access is easily.  Each week I will pick one person, and their quote will be used.  That person will be responsible for looking out for who is working hard to keep the quote, and will award the quote at the end of week.

It’s been a lovely start to the week, let’s keep it up!

Welcome back to another week.  Here is the homework for this week.

Spelling groups will begin next week.  This week, children are asked to learn the spelling of the following theme-based words.  They can do this in any way they choose, and can use their spelling homework jotter if need be.  When we carry out the spelling test on Thursday, I will not be saying the word to be spelled. I will be reading the definition of that word.  As children begin working on their group spelling words, this may be a format I will use on the day of the spelling test, in order to ensure children are researching the meaning of any unfamiliar words.

Maths homework is as follows:

All homework to be handed in by Thursday 14th September.

Have a great week!

We have carried out our final common words spelling assessment, and your child will have come home today with a slip saying if they have achieved the levels, and if not, which words they still need to work on.  Those children who are still working on common words will have their spellings checked throughout the course of the term.

I was very impressed with the quality of some of the tricky 30 spellings – they were tricky indeed!

Instead of spelling homework this week, I am asking children to bring in some pictures/photos/magazine cuttings to decorate an interactive writing notebook which we will be working on in class.

Maths homework is as follows:

Cubes – Chapter 1 Revision Exercise.

Cuboids – Chapter 1 Exercise 2.

Cylinders – Chapter 1 Exercise 3.

Spheres – Chapter 1 Exercise 2.

Children have been assessed on the Diamond words, and have come home with any words they need to work on.  If there are only a few words to work on, they can work on the following list of ‘tricky’ words for super spellers.  All children can have a go at these if they wish, but should focus on any Diamond words which need revised.  On Thursday, we will test those Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond words which children have made mistakes on.  We will also test the Tricky 30 for those who have been working on them.  There is no written spelling homework this week, but children are welcome to write/play games to help them learn their words.

Maths homework is as follows:

Cubes – Chapter 1 Exercise 8.

Cuboids – Chapter 1 Consolidation and Exercise 1.

Cylinders – Chapter 1 Exercises 1, 2.

Chapter 1 Exercise 1.

Please drop me an email, or comment on this post, with any queries.

Have a great week.

We have been assessing our spelling of the common words, and have so far assessed the Silver, Gold and Platinum lists.  Your child has come home with a slip of paper stating which levels they have achieved, and which words from each of the assessed levels they still need to work on.

We will be assessing the Diamond words next, a list of which you can find below.  This assessment will hopefully be carried out on Thursday.

There is no written spelling or maths homework this week!