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The bus left Loch Insh at 12.20, so we should be back at school about quarter/half past one. 😊



Morning – archery and boat tour

Afternoon – windsurfing

Evening – disco

Today – Packing, problem-solving and home! Get those washing machines and showers fired up!!

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Morning – skiing

Afternoon – raft-building

Evening – shinty

Late evening – hot chocolate (double marshmallows), Scattergories, tears (of laughter – ask them about Kaya stress-eating bon-bons, Dr Daniel, vinegar shots – I thought Murray and Logan were going to throw up they were laughing so hard!)

Archery, boat tour, windsurfing and disco today (and maybe start packing)!

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At the Boathouse for our 7.30 breakfast, so time to make use of the Wi-fi and upload what we were up to yesterday.


Morning – kayaking

Afternoon – biking

Evening – wayfinding

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Monday afternoon – sailing

Monday evening – canoeing

Late Monday evening – hot chocolate, toast, biscuits and games



Loch Insh

We are leaving for Loch Insh on Monday 11th June.  The bus will leave at 10am.  Please make sure your child is at school by 9.45 at the latest (if you have any medication to hand in, allow a little extra time).  It is fine for your child to arrive at the usual time.  Remember, children will need a filled packed lunch box and water bottle, for lunch on arrival.  The bus back will arrive approximately 2pm on Friday, at which point children can be picked up (with shower and washing machine on standby at home)!

If you need an extra copy of the kit list, you can find it here.

Kit List from school


Transition visits

Nairn Academy

Transition dates for those children attending Nairn Academy are Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th June.  Children should take the transport to and from Nairn Academy which they will be using when they begin in August.  The school day for Nairn Academy is from 8.45 – 3.45.  Information has gone home about school meals (Introduction to School Meals in Secondary Schools).  Please get in touch if you need another copy of this.

Culloden Academy

Transition dates for those children attending Culloden Academy are Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th June.  Children can take the transport to and from Culloden Academy which they will be using when they begin in August.  The school day for Culloden is 8.40-3.40.  Information has gone home about school meals (Introduction to School Meals in Secondary Schools).  Please get in touch if you need another copy of this.

There is a further transition event for children who will be attending Culloden Academy, as we are not one of their feeder schools.  This will be on Friday 8th June from 9.30-11.30am.  If you are having trouble transporting your child to or from this, please drop me a line and we will help sort this.


If you require any further information regarding any of the above, please contact me on


It was lovely chatting to so many mums and dads this afternoon, I hope you enjoyed having a look round our class.

We looked at some of Piet Mondrian’s work, and how it developed into his well-known abstract pieces. We then took one of his works, and carried out some fractions and decimals work, before creating our own Mondrian-inspired art. We need to finish these off, and perhaps look at creating a whole-class piece.

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Children had a go at coding this morning. I’ve never had the class so quiet!!

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I have been trying to make a connection with St Olaf’s nursing home in Nairn, in the hope that we can have the children visiting.  It seems that it would suit them better if we went in small groups, rather than as a class, as I had hoped.

We have 2 dates, and at the moment, it would be just for Primary 7s.  One half of the Primary 7s would go on one date, and the other half would go on the second.  They have asked if the children would play board games with their residents.  We will only be able to do this if we have a parent helper who would be able to accompany the children on the visit.

Can you comment on here if you would be able to come along as a parent helper?  It does not need to be a Primary 7 parent.  If we get a helper for each date, I will get permission slips out to the Primary 7s.

The dates are Tuesday 27th February and Tuesday 27th March, in the mornings.


Many thanks

All children have been given a ‘pr’ code to sign up to a Family account in Seesaw.  Make sure you are connected to this to see some updates, from the children, about what we are doing in class.  I have also put some information on there about how to set up individual parent and children accounts, so that both can comment.  Let me know how you are getting on with it.