I have been trying to make a connection with St Olaf’s nursing home in Nairn, in the hope that we can have the children visiting.  It seems that it would suit them better if we went in small groups, rather than as a class, as I had hoped.

We have 2 dates, and at the moment, it would be just for Primary 7s.  One half of the Primary 7s would go on one date, and the other half would go on the second.  They have asked if the children would play board games with their residents.  We will only be able to do this if we have a parent helper who would be able to accompany the children on the visit.

Can you comment on here if you would be able to come along as a parent helper?  It does not need to be a Primary 7 parent.  If we get a helper for each date, I will get permission slips out to the Primary 7s.

The dates are Tuesday 27th February and Tuesday 27th March, in the mornings.


Many thanks