As a school, we are looking towards developing digital portfolios where parents are able to see what their children get up to in school.  As part of this, P6/7 are trialling Seesaw, which is a free version.  I have created an account and put the childrens’ names into this.  This afternoon, children had a go at quickly uploading a picture using the class qr code.  Ultimately, however, I would like to use this as a way of creating individual portfolios.  Children have gone home today with their own individual pr code.  If you are able to follow the instructions, and have children upload something, I can then check whether that is uploaded into the class (where all children can see), or into your child’s individual account.  Daniel was a huge help with this afternoon, having used Seesaw before, and if anyone else has experience with using Seesaw, please drop me an email at