Welcome back to Term 3 and 2018!  We haven’t hung about, but have instead cracked straight on with our work.  General knowledge, maths, new class reader, spelling, introduction to our new Theme of WW2 -it’s been a busy first day!

I am giving a little bit of homework this week.  Some maths only.  I felt bad for them, so am not asking for any spelling homework.

We have begun our new class reader today, and we are enjoying it so far (nothing at all to do with the copious mentioning of farting and bums)!  I do worry that some children are neglecting their personal choice readers, and so I am asking them to note on here the name of their current reader and its author.  I may, in the next couple of weeks, ask children to complete a reading diary to show the amount of time they are spending on reading for enjoyment.  So perhaps, at home, you can encourage your child to read for 15-20 minutes most days.

There has already been talk about the leavers hoodies, and so there should hopefully be information coming home this weekend about this.  The last 2 years have been a bit last-minute, so we are going to get them sorted this term.

Have a great week!