Children have been assessed on the Diamond words, and have come home with any words they need to work on.  If there are only a few words to work on, they can work on the following list of ‘tricky’ words for super spellers.  All children can have a go at these if they wish, but should focus on any Diamond words which need revised.  On Thursday, we will test those Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond words which children have made mistakes on.  We will also test the Tricky 30 for those who have been working on them.  There is no written spelling homework this week, but children are welcome to write/play games to help them learn their words.

Maths homework is as follows:

Cubes – Chapter 1 Exercise 8.

Cuboids – Chapter 1 Consolidation and Exercise 1.

Cylinders – Chapter 1 Exercises 1, 2.

Chapter 1 Exercise 1.

Please drop me an email, or comment on this post, with any queries.

Have a great week.