You must all be devastated at being out of class and missing out on spelling this week!  We had an incredible day at Culloden Battlefield today.  Your homework is to post a comment on here stating the following:

1.  The part you enjoyed the most, and why.

2. Something you learned.

I’ll go first.

  1.  1. The part I enjoyed the most was watching the aerial view of the Battle of Culloden as it progressed.  I found it really interesting seeing how the different regiments were deployed and the strategies they used.  I was also interested to note that the Duke of Cumberland was at the front of his army, whilst Bonnie Prince Charlie was at the back.
  2. 2. I learned, while reading about the different punishments handed out to Jacobites after the battle, that many were deported and some were sold into slavery.

Please have your comments on here by Friday.

There is no spelling and maths homework this week.  There will be no homework next week as there is no school Mon-Wed.  You are welcome!  Normal homework will resume the following week.

Keep checking back here and I will try and get the photographs from our visit to the Battlefield posted tonight.