To celebrate Advent this year, Primary 6/7 have started counting down Christmas by carrying out RACKs – Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.  Each day one pupil will be chosen to choose the RACK to complete.  With 22 in the class (including me) that’s 22 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (although I have 24 RACKs in the Advent Calendar).  We worked out that if everyone in the class carried out EVERY RACK, that would be 528 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness!  We then worked out, with 79 families in the school, if each family carried out each RACK, that would be 1,896 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness!

We would love for everyone to have a go at these RACKs so make sure you are following the blog to see what the RACKs are each day.  Let us know on here if you complete one.

I have little notes which can be handed out, if necessary, to explain the RACKs so please feel free to pop in to pick some up if you would like.

Day 1 – Take a card from the Christmas tree in Eastgate shopping centre and buy a gift for a child who, otherwise, would not receive a present this Christmas.