Here is the Primary 6/7 homework for week beginning Monday 29th August 2016.  Children are expected to look, cover, write and check their spelling words a further 3 times at home.  Spelling and maths activities are to be handed in by the following Monday.

Maths homework will almost always tie in with what we are working on in class.  Each child has been given a maths booklet and the table below shows which part they are to complete.  Maths homework is to be written in jotters and not in the typed booklet.

The Extra Credit section is optional and children can post replies to this on the blog.  Posts will not be approved until the following Monday, to ensure each child is researching for themselves.  House points will be awarded to those children carrying out the Extra Credit work.

Both maths and spelling homework jotters should be covered, with a label in the top left corner showing name and either Spelling or Maths, before homework is turned in.  Many thanks.