Loch Insh

A reminder that Loch Insh payments are to be made in full by 16th March.  Time is ticking by fast, and I didn’t want it to creep up on you!


P7 Leavers’ hoodies

Letters went home on Friday with information about the purchase of a P7 leavers’ hoodie.  Please ensure this is filled in and returned to school by this Friday, to give me time to fill in the spreadsheet for ordering.

I have an adult small and an adult medium hoodie which the children can try on in class to give them an idea of size.  You are welcome to come in and see them for fit.


This week’s homework

Written maths should be handed in by Thursday, as usual, but you can take until Monday 22nd January to make the 3 progressions in Maths Whizz.  You will be given a small amount of time during the school day this week, to work on Maths Whizz.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to Term 3 and 2018!  We haven’t hung about, but have instead cracked straight on with our work.  General knowledge, maths, new class reader, spelling, introduction to our new Theme of WW2 -it’s been a busy first day!

I am giving a little bit of homework this week.  Some maths only.  I felt bad for them, so am not asking for any spelling homework.

We have begun our new class reader today, and we are enjoying it so far (nothing at all to do with the copious mentioning of farting and bums)!  I do worry that some children are neglecting their personal choice readers, and so I am asking them to note on here the name of their current reader and its author.  I may, in the next couple of weeks, ask children to complete a reading diary to show the amount of time they are spending on reading for enjoyment.  So perhaps, at home, you can encourage your child to read for 15-20 minutes most days.

There has already been talk about the leavers hoodies, and so there should hopefully be information coming home this weekend about this.  The last 2 years have been a bit last-minute, so we are going to get them sorted this term.

Have a great week!

Last day treat

As an end-of-term treat, P6/7 are going to be watching a Christmas movie with some snacks and hot chocolate.  Can you please remember to bring a mug in tomorrow (Friday) to enjoy your hot chocolate?

We have not chosen our Christmas film yet.  I know there are some older movies which are PG rated, where the language is fairly ‘choice!’  Home Alone is the only option I have that would come under that category.  The other choices are movies which I would be happy to show my own children. If you are not happy with your child watching a PG movie, please drop me an e-mail at diane.macleod@highland.gov.uk


Apologies for the confusion about homework last week. I had maths homework all planned, but had obviously got completely out of the swing of posting it after the many weeks of Olivia rehearsals, and kept forgetting!  There weren’t many complaints in class!

Homework for this week!

* Watch a Christmas movie.

* Spend time with your family/friends.

* Eat food that you love.

* Make somebody laugh or smile.

* Do something for somebody else.

* Visit a favourite place.

* Play a board game.

* Wrap a Christmas present.

I’d love to hear which ones you do. We decorated gingerbread houses, ate pizza and watched Arthur Christmas today – that’s 3 ticked off already!

Final week

I thought I would let you know what’s happening in the final week of term.

Tuesday – P4-7 party in the afternoon. Children can bring party clothes to get changed into.

Wednesday – Pantomime. Children will be late back from school and will need collected from school.

Thursday – Games day. Children can bring board games (not tablets) to play.

Friday – End of term church service. 10am at Cawdor church.


First rule of snowball fights? No-one talks about snowball fights!

This counts as PE, right?!

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Keep the quote and synchronised swimming success in P6/7!

We started a new way of awarding the Keep the Quote this past week.  As part of a previous homework task, children were asked to provide a quote.  When a child’s quote is chosen, that child is responsible for keeping an eye on who is keeping their quote, then awarding the quote, giving reasons for their choice.


This week

Rehearsals are well underway for Olivia!  Those children who are involved in the earlier scenes should have a copy of these.  Ms Jerrett is still working away on amendments, and we will post up the full script as soon as we have it (hopefully tomorrow, Tuesday).  I do not plan on giving homework next week or the week after, but will instead be asking children to ensure they know their lines, cues, and words and actions for all songs.

In the meantime, this week’s homework is as follows: