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Primary 7 transition visits to the academy

There seems to be some confusion about the transition days for Primary 7 next week.

The transition days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  These dates have been the same for a number of years and are marked on the Cawdor calendars.  All Primary 7 children who are going to Nairn Academy are to go to and from Nairn Academy by the transport which they will be taking next year.  If you would prefer to take your child to school, the day begins at 8.45 and ends at 3.45.

Wednesday will be a sports day and so children will need a PE kit (I am sure Nairn Academy will give the children information on this during their visit).

Those children purchasing lunch at the Academy will need to bring money with them.  Staff and buddies at the Academy will help them with how the cashless catering works.  Children have already had a visit from staff and ex-pupils explaining how this works.

I will be there on the Monday morning to greet the children on their arrival at Nairn Academy.

The transition days for Culloden Academy are the same as Nairn however arrangements for these 3 days are slightly different.  A note went home with the Culloden children a few weeks ago explaining times for each of the days, including the extra transition morning tomorrow.

I hope this answers any questions you may have had.

Junior Journalist winners!!

I hope you’ve all bought your copy of the P and J today!! Well done girls, including Isobel who was absent on the day the pictures were taken.

Fundraising week

The plan for this week is to hold some stalls from Tuesday to Thursday (see the main school blog for more information on this).

We will be looking for donations of home baking on these days, and if anyone is able to bring in packets of little sweeties or lollies for prizes that would be great too!


Loch Insh Day 4

Morning – windsurfing

Afternoon – archery and tour or problem solving

Evening – disco

Back home, just finished hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and toast.

Waaaah! We don’t want to come home!

Loch Insh Day 3

Morning – skiing (dry!)

Afternoon – canoeing (dry and warm!)

Evening – shinty (in the evening sun!!)

We are well and truly making the most of this big yellow ball which appeared in the sky this afternoon! Fingers crossed it lasts for windsurfing tomorrow morning!  It’s a hard life.

Loch Insh Day 2

The Ospreys and Kestrels have become the Hawks and the Eagles for this week.

Morning – sailing (got drenched)

Afternoon – biking (got drenched)

Evening (currently) – raft building (getting drenched)

Spirits are high though and we are having a ball!  Just make sure the washing machines and hot showers are ready for our return on Friday!

Loch Insh Day 1

Kayaking this afternoon and wayfinding tonight. Off back for toast, hot chocolate and our phone call home.

Loch Insh

I hope everyone is packed and ready for the off tomorrow!  Remember to bring lots of spare clothes as the forecast is to be wet, lots of plastic bags for the wet and dirty washing, and a packed lunch for Monday’s lunch. See you tomorrow! 😁


Apologies for the delay with this.