I have been well and truly blown away by the quality of art being produced this week. We looked at some of Lowry’s work, and used this as inspiration for creating our own piece, with a focus on showing perspective and depth. What remarkable artists we have in the #bestclassever!!

Admittedly, I was not popular when I asked them to add colour, but stay tuned and I’ll post some photos of the finished pieces.

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Wild About Scotland

We were lucky enough to visit the Wild About Scotland bus this afternoon, where we learned about different habitats in Scotland, and some of the species which live in each.

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Show jumping success!

Well done to Rachel, who was awarded a plethora of rosettes at the Caroline Cup in Keith. What a talent!

Keep the Quote

Each week I have put a quote up for us to explore and work on.  At the end of the week the children have voted for who they think kept the quote the best. Isabel and Rory were our first 2, and last week Oliver was voted for his hard work and perseverance. It has been so wonderful to see the children encouraging and supporting each other with this. Next week there will be information as to how we will be taking this forward through the year.


Spelling groups will begin next week.  This week, children are asked to learn the spelling of the following theme-based words.  They can do this in any way they choose, and can use their spelling homework jotter if need be.  When we carry out the spelling test on Thursday, I will not be saying the word to be spelled. I will be reading the definition of that word.  As children begin working on their group spelling words, this may be a format I will use on the day of the spelling test, in order to ensure children are researching the meaning of any unfamiliar words.

Maths homework is as follows:

All homework to be handed in by Thursday 14th September.

Have a great week!


Here is a copy of the Learn-its schedule if you need.  We will begin working on these again next week, so get studying! Remember, you should be able to answer the questions as quickly as you can answer, ‘What is your name?’  See if you can get someone at home to help you! 😀


We have carried out our final common words spelling assessment, and your child will have come home today with a slip saying if they have achieved the levels, and if not, which words they still need to work on.  Those children who are still working on common words will have their spellings checked throughout the course of the term.

I was very impressed with the quality of some of the tricky 30 spellings – they were tricky indeed!

Instead of spelling homework this week, I am asking children to bring in some pictures/photos/magazine cuttings to decorate an interactive writing notebook which we will be working on in class.

Maths homework is as follows:

Cubes – Chapter 1 Revision Exercise.

Cuboids – Chapter 1 Exercise 2.

Cylinders – Chapter 1 Exercise 3.

Spheres – Chapter 1 Exercise 2.

Loch Insh meeting for P7 parents

A quick reminder that there will be a meeting in the P6/7 classroom after school this Thursday (7th September) at 3.30pm.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, all the necessary information will go home with your child.  Please then feel free to drop me an email with any questions.

Look what I got!!

Firstly, I think I’m going to have to speak very nicely to Michael to get a bit taken off the legs. Secondly, should we paint them? And thirdly, what colour?  Post your votes here!

Map work

Today we looked at creating a key to show information on a map.

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